Friday, 3 August 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 5

What style of Goth do you associate yourself with (Cyber Goth, Deathrocker, Gothabilly, etc)?
ALSO either:
Show pictures of your favourite outfits (as seen by other Goths.) Who are they? What style are they into?
Take pictures of yourself wearing a normal, everyday outfit/what you're wearing today (if such a day is normal!) showing your personal style or an outfit you're fond of wearing (that shows your personal style.)
If you tend to play around with different styles/consider your style a mixture, show your various outfits (of others or yourself.)

I love most styles of Goth, from Trad to Pastel via Cyber and Perky, but most of all I love Lolita, and here are my influences:

(Click the link for a seriously cool website) .
First and foremost is Mana Sama, whose's style I fell in love with almost as soon as I first discovered Lolita fashion way back in 2005.

The former member of Malice Mizer and current member of Moi Dix Mois is also the founder of the brand Moi Meme Moitie.

While the colours she wears may not always appeal to me as much as Mana's, I love the things Misako does with her hair and make-up.

I like to try to combine Misako's cute, fresh-faced look with Mana's darkness sometimes in my own appearance.

Ludvine was a Lolita blogger (I believe she still uses Livejournal though), who makes a lot of her own clothing.

I wish I had even half of her talent!

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