Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mera Luna 2012: Sunday

Kev and I with Martin and Katha from Mono Inc :)

On Sunday I woke up in need of new feet, and decided to wear flat shoes.
The first band we saw on Sunday was Les Jupes, who are Canadian (I suspect French Canadian from the name), they were quite a nice, interesting start to the day, sort of similar in sound to Arcade Fire.

Next to the hangar for Eklipse who were FANTASTIC, they are a four piece who play classical arrangements of rock and pop songs with violins and cellos.
I have total hair envy of one of them because her braid reached her hips! One of the other members of the band resembles an Imai Kira painting!

Next I FINALLY got to see Lahannya!
I managed to miss her play in my local area twice in the past few years because of university, but it was worth the wait, she is rather good.
Kind of Goth metal-y, sound I like very much.

We then had a small break, and headed to the medieval village for a nice sit down and some juice.
While there we ran into Kakuidori again and I took a photo of her pokemon tattoo sleeve:

Seriously, how cool is that? :D

Next were Down Below back in the hangar. I really enjoyed Down Below's first album, and the two since then have been quite enjoyable too (although I do prefer the first one, I suspect that might just me being "lazy English woman" though because the first album is in English and I can understand it without needing to google things, the two albums since are in German and I am not as sure what they are about yet...I will improve my German though!).
Live they are good too, a little bit "HIM-y" in ways, it's obvious they have a lot of female fans, and it's obvious they know this, and play on it a little.

We stayed in the hangar for The Beauty of Gemina, who were great as always, and it was much better to see them without the pouring rain this time (they played Mara Luna last year too and I got soaked, as rather ironically just as they began to play Dark Rain the heavens opened!).

After that we headed to the Zillo Magazine stand as there was an autograph signing with Mono Inc (who Kev and I really like), the queue was very long, my feet hurt like crazy and I really needed to eat, but it was worth the wait! :D

These were a way brighter green in real life!

After that I bought some neon green samosas to eat and then sat and watched Eisbrecher who were very enjoyable, but I wished I had more energy to really enjoy them.

New Model Army were excellent, and another band I have somehow managed to constantly miss up until now, I also sat on a hill with my juice to watch NMA too as my poor feet still hurt.

The last band of the weekend for us was Hocico, who in my opinion was the best band of the entire weekend (Kev joked that the hangar should have been re-named "The Erk stage" because he owned it all weekend).
I have to admit that during Hocico I managed to somehow forget how sore my feet were and got very dance-y, in fact it's the closest I have ever been to doing what Kev and I affectionately call "The Industrial Macerena" (you know that dance that Cybers do that looks a bit like The Macerena but a bit more violent?).

And then? That was it for another year, I hope to go to Mera Luna again next year as one of the firstr bands announced for next year is The Cruxshadows :D

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