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Tips for buying original vintage clothes on the internet

Buying vintage clothes over the internet should be one of the most enjoyable and easy experiences any online shopper could have. Firstly items are typically very difficult to find; which makes finding exactly what you were looking for a rare and joyous moment. Secondly more and more vintage websites are popping up every, each with increasingly efficient focus on ecommerce.
However as with buying anything online there are some pretty hefty potholes, which if not considered could result in you being left unhappy & out of pocket. This article aims to provide a brief guide to buying vintage clothing online, hopefully preventing you from having a miserable vintage shopping experience.
Vintage Inspired Vs. Vintage

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With the rise in popularity of vintage clothes has come the rise in ‘vintage inspired’ clothing manufacturers. Original vintage clothes are typically hard to find, both by the fashion buyer and subsequently you the enthusiast. As a result clothing manufacturers have started copying cuts and prints of original vintage clothes and selling them as ‘vintage inspired’. These imitations are therefore easier on your wallet but will not satisfy the purists among you.
Check & double check sizes

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Buying vintage clothes requires a tape measure and some patience. Firstly the sizes indicated on the labels obviously do not translate to the same size in today’s standards. Therefore never buy an item of original vintage clothing based on label size alone. Most reputable vintage clothing stores will give you precise measurements of various parts of the item you are buying. You will need to have your tape measure at the ready to compare these against your own.
Discover the condition
Some of the items you are looking to purchase will have been around for the best part of a century. Over this period they will have been worn and stored, which will undoubtedly have resulted in some amount of wear and tear. Always keep in mind the fact that your item may not be “perfect” when you take it out of the box. All good retailers will have either a condition scale guide; ranging for example from “good” to “unworn”. Alternatively they will describe each issue on the product description page. If unsure ask questions.
Check the returns policy
Due to the issues mentioned above there is a higher likelihood of you having to return your purchase. Make sure you read the returns policy before making the purchase.
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