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Style Guides: Classic Lolita

A Classic Coordination featuring Pumpkin Pants (image via Victorian Maiden )

Classic is another style of Lolita, this one very big on historical influences, beautiful quality laces and braided hair.
Classic is often seen as a more mature style, and as thus is often a style that fans of OTT sweet move onto when they feel they are a little old for sweet.

Image via Classic Lolita

Classic Lolita is probably the most modest of the Lolita substyles, long sleeved OPs are common, as are long sleeved and high necked blouses (although scoop necked, chiffon blouses are also seen in this style).
Bonnets are also quite popular, although these are usually simpler than the ones seen in Sweet.
Other common head wear includes berets, and bowler hats.

The Bare Essentials

Classic styled OPs and JSKs usually have a floral theme, look for something with a toned down colour scheme, brights are very rarely seen in Classic.

Don't forget your petticoat! Petticoats in Classic tend not to be quite as "poofy" as in other styles, but they are still a basic requirement!

If you're choosing to wear a JSK make sure you get a blouse for under it, as I said long sleeved, high necked styles are popular in Classic, as for colour, bright white is uncommon, creams and ivories being more favoured. Also popular are deep jewel tones.

While knee highs and OTKs are used, tights and stockings are a lot more common in this sub-style, often coordinated with the colour of the blouse if worn with a JSK.

Shoes are often Vintage, or Vintage replicas. Oxfords and Victorian boots are very common in this type of Lolita.

Classic Lolita

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