Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Influence of Alternative Fashion on Mainstream Fashion

There’s a group of individuals out there who see fashion in a rather different light. Instead of following the norms that the mainstream fashion society dictates, they go the different route, going against the grain of some sorts, and rediscovering fashion on their own – without rules, without limits. This is alternative fashion. Although alternative fashion has somewhat been linked to emo or goth, alternative fashion really is something deeper, something that’s beyond the tangible, as it aims to reflect what’s on the inside, a form or self-expression that many in the mainstream industry sometimes deem as “underground”.
Despite this seeming need to veer away from the norm, alternative fashion does rub off on the mainstream scene. Grunge, for instance, is a product of alternative fashion that has been embraced by the mainstream industry. Many clothing magazines for women have tackled the grunge sense of style as A-list figures seem to have a knack at dumping the “sleek” for something more comfortable. Ripped jeans, clunky boots, and huge plaid shirts are just some of the well-known proofs. Grunge fashion had a huge following back in the ‘90s, but knowing how mainstream fashion works, grunge has made its comeback this year – proof that alternative fashion has secured its roots in popular culture. Purists may cringe at this fact but nevertheless, the mainstream industry will continue to keep a close eye on the alternative fashion scene, to draw inspiration from what may seem to be “deviant” but raw.
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Guest post by Ronald Aguilar

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