Sunday, 23 September 2012

What we're playing this week - Cabinet Noir

My current pinned cards.

Cabinet Noir is the new offering from Failbetter Games, similar in style to their other two games, Fallen London and The Night Circus, it proves to be just as addictive and well written.
The story follows a person (who can be male, female or of unknown gender, as my character is), who is a spy in the service to The Cardinal in 17th Century France.
You must spy on people, work out their secrets and decide if they should be taken to The Bastille or not, sometimes you must make terrible decisions, and others are a lot more fun.
Thus far my character has rubbed shoulders with the gentry and the poor of France, flirted with Gentlemen and Ladies, taken favours and debts from Nuns and the Clergy and gained several hard earned lessons!

The game promises to be shorter than Fallen London (so perhaps it won't eat my life), but it is no less exiting!

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