Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Gifts or treating yourself? Forever In Black Gift Bundles

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The "Fly By Night" Gift Pack

Just in time for some alternative Christmas cheer Forever In Black have released some gift packs that would make the perfect presents for that special Goth or Steampunk in your life (or even a cheeky treat for yourself when the Christmas shopping is all done!).

Fancies and Fripperies 

Prices range between £15 - £50, with each pack including accessories that would ordinarily cost more separately.

The packs are as follows:

A pretty pack of cute and creepy goodies, with a zippered purse embroidered with a skull, two cute critters and a cartoon hairband. 

Cute gift pack of bat and vampire themed items for the vamp in your life! A glittery bat hairband, vampire cameo purse, bat embroidered leather wristband and scarlet false nails make this an excellent set of stocking fillers. 

A little steampunk for Christmas! Grab this gorgeous pack featuring an embroidered purse, a cog and feather hair clip, and a handmade lace key necklace. 

This one is a little more luxurious. This pack includes a black silk mini top hat decorated with feathers, a midnight black rose, velvet ribbon, and black lace wings (they make the wings themselves!), a black silk velvet bag with silvery-white wings embroidered on, a purse with embroidered wings and a rose, a little black bat, black feather fan, and black false fingernails. 

Cute pack inspired by Day of the Dead imagery! You get a voodoo doll and day of the dead skull stuffy - use them as pincushions! - an anatomical heart embroidered purse, and two cartoon headbands. Ideal stocking fillers!

Be Splendid this Christmas with this amazing pack of steampunk goodies! This pack includes lavender sachets, a silk back, a stunning mini top hat, handmade steampunk wrist cuffs, and a zippered purse. 

If you have a taste for crimson, look no further! 4 items, all red and black, gathered together in a gift pack is the one for you. We've included a leather wristband embroidered with a scarlet bat, a little red monster, a scarlet cartoon headband, and a silky black velvet purse with crimson embroidery. 

Purple is a VERY popular gothic colour. Well, here's a pack with all the purple goodness you could want! We've put in a mini top hat, a feathered collar, a stunning bag and matching purse, purple false nails, and a little sugar skull toy/ pincushion. 

Not all steampunks are lords and ladies. Some are street punks and gang members, little match girls gone wrong. This pack plays up to that image! Including a patchwork tweed mini top hat, a patchwork bag, two lavender sachets, and an embroidered purse, add these to a plain outfit to create a very different image! 

That Voodoo That You Do!

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