Sunday, 25 November 2012

Five Things that Inspired me this week

That it is :)

I thought it would be nice to start sharing five things every week that inspired me or made me feel good and share the love, so here we go:

Us being drunken bums in Glasgow back in July

1. My boyfriend Kev

We've been together over three and a half years now...Wow! How did that happen?!
He puts up with my crazy, is there for me when I'm feeling crappy, and when I'm feeling good. My partner in crime and adventure buddy, and I love him. :)

Martin of Mono Inc a few years back at Mera Luna

2. Seeing an awesome band, put on an awesome first performance in the UK

On Friday we travelled down to London to see Mono Inc play a show in Camden Underworld (my first time there, I was always under the impression it was bigger from reading reviews in Kerrang! And the toilet graffiti amused me "these toilets are disgusting!" clearly you've never been to Legends!).
It was their first show in the UK, and one of the best shows I've seen this year!
I was so glad for them that it turned out so well because they seemed like such genuinely nice people when we briefly spoke to them at M'era Luna this year when we were getting a photo and signed stuff, that they deserved to have a great gig.
Also pretty glad they dipped into some of their older stuff too, rather than just playing recent music, when I was having a really hard time stress-wise at uni in my second year and missing Kev I listened to the Temple of the Torn album a lot to de-stress, so it was nice to hear Temple of the Torn, My Sick Mind TV, and I admit I might have got slightly emotional during In My Heart!

Tard the Grumpy Cat

3. The Grumpy Cat Meme

This little guy sums up my feelings on almost everything, and yet, I cannot look at him without smiling.
He's so friggin' adorable, I want to hug him :D

4. The Christmas Market is here!!!!
So many gifts and yummy things bought there the other day!
The Italian stand have some dairy free cakes this year, and on the complete opposite end of the foodie spectrum Kev bought a crocodile steak.

5. American Horror Story
I am so hooked on this show! I was a little weirded out initially of the concept of having a totally different story but with an almost entirely identical cast to series 1, but you know, it actually kind of works!

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