Sunday, 9 December 2012

Five things this week!

No ebay, this was not what I meant by "Slenderman"

1. Trying to find a Christmas present for my brother on ebay.
This made for hysterical results. Settled on a Trollface mug because he's off to university in September and I remember getting to uni and discovering I had no mugs or glasses and having to BUY ALL THE HALLOWEEN THINGS in ASDA. Almost got him a Forever Alone Guy one, he'd have got the joke, not sure how the rest of the family would have taken it though.


2. Uberbyte on Friday. 
Didn't really catch much of them as I was on the door drawing things on people's hands (no handstamp means I technically get paid for my art...I took requests, not sure which was better the Thomas Rainer snow man I drew on someone or the stick man jumping out of a birthday cake...I AM A GENIUS!).


3. Delicious food haul!

Kev went out for bread, came back with olives, veggie gamon, hummus and a vegan lasagne :D
I'm so easily pleased!

No entirely sure what is going on here!

4. The Settlers Online Christmas and End of the World Events!

Seriously addictive fun!


5. Hugs on cold nights.

Boyfriend, cat, anybody really...KEEP ME WARM IT'S FREEZING IN HERE!

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