Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Berlin Fashion Week - Black Jewels

Just a quick one here.
Black Jewels collection seems to be inspired by a darker look at fairy tales (some might suggest that this is how fairy tales should be looked at as The Brother's Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson were hardly writers of the fluffy, lovey dovey tales that Disney have turned their works into).

More lace in this collection, strangely enough though, while of the collections I've looked at from the most recent Berlin Fashion Week this is the most like "Goth" as I know it, it's also the most colourful!

I very much like the corsets in this collection, the cameo corset is rather beautiful and I do like the unusual shaped red one.

In all, while I do prefer the Battenburg-Cartwright and Augustin Tebol collections, this is a close third.

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