Sunday, 20 January 2013

Five things - January 2013 - Week 3

I will be forever on the look out for one of these!

1. Dead Drops

I'm not totally decided on if Dead Drops is super cool or really weird, but I did spot on their map that there's one near Edinburgh Castle which makes me even more eager to get back up to Edinburgh!

Augustin Teboul at Berlin Fashion Week 2013

2. Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion Week this year featuring plenty of Eco Fashions and lots to inspire those of us who like a bit of black in our lives!

Sofia Vergara's Red Carpet Dress (image via Tumblr)

3. The Micheal Cinco dress Sofia Vergara wore to the Golden Globes

The beaded, glittery, glamorous, amazingness has got me interested in the Filipino designer Micheal Cinco.

4. Mama

The latest offering from  Guillermo Del Toro looks quite promising.


5. And finally a lot of white stuff has been falling from the sky this week!

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