Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How To Prepare Your Home For A Zombie Invasion

We are always reminded about the threat of a Zombie invasion either via the films we watch such as ‘24 Hours Later’ or the upcoming blockbuster ‘World War Z’, our television screens with ‘The Walking Dead’ or the games we play with ‘Resident Evil’ of course. But are any of us really prepared to counter the threat of a real life Zombie invasion?
Well do not worry, with the help of this infographic you and your home can be fully prepared to fend off any nasty Zombie’s that are after your brains!
First things first, we need to establish a perimeter. Build a 10ft chain link fence, topped with razor wire, security cameras, flood lights and surrounded by mine, this will be your first line of defence.
Inside your shed will be your arsenal, complete with plunger gun, boxing glove bazooka, a bag of marbles and even a robotic sheep.
Always have an emergency kit packed away with plenty of supplies and important documents. If the Zombies get to your front door it will be time to flee through the escape tunnel to a waiting car. Once you’re a safe distance, detonate the explosives that are rigged to your home and enjoy the smell of cooked zombies as you drive away into the sunset.

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