Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Vivienne Westwood MAN AW13/14

I don't very often post about men's fashion here, usually because I tend to find men's fashion kind of same-y, but men can be alternative to!

I really like how this collection plays with height and perspective, you can see at the end if you watch closely during the final walk where all of the models come out together that some of the models who appeared incredibly tall and the model who looked very short aren't actually that different in heights.

I'm also very fond of the patterns used. Houndstooth is is usually pretty boring in it's done to death black and white, but the purple and blue, and the yellow houndstooth's are refreshing, and I could almost hear my old lecturers screaming in frustration that some of it isn't even going in "the right direction".

I love the suits at 5:39 and 6:14, the use of interesting coloured tartans is one of the things I love most about Vivienne Westwood's designs. Taking a traditional (and some might say in Dame Westwood's case saving it)  design and making it her own by exploring different colours and textures (she was a big inspiration when I made my "sparkle tartan" in my first year weave project).

The one thing I'm not so fond of is the baggy crotches on a lot of the trousers, I realise this is just my personal taste but I hope that doesn't catch on!

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