Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 2: 5 movies for Lolitas

1. Mister Rococo

I'm not a huge fan of films that feature Lolitas, it's nothing against Lolita itself, it's just that a frilly dress doesn't usually make the most exiting of plots, but Mr Rococo amuses me.
It's the tale of a Lolita who takes up masked wrestling to try and win back her boyfriend.
It's very funny imo.

2. Marie Antoinette

So I guess the rest of my pics will be films that inspire me in Lolita more than Lolita films.
I love this movie, while it might not be the most historically accurate take on French history, it is a wonderful art piece...Also DEM DRESSES UNF! 

3. Sleepy Hollow

This also is a great inspiration to me  dress-wise, some day I will get around to making a Lolita length version  of the black and white striped dress.

4. Brahm Stoker's Dracula

This film is basically accessories porn to me...HATS!... Jewellery! Fantastic hairdos!
It's also very clearly the version of Dracula that the Malice Mizer short film Bara No Konrei (Bridal of Rose) is based on.

5. Alice in Wonderland

An obvious Lolita favourite, but you may not have seen this one. It is the very first one, filmed in 1903!

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