Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Amazing Things You Can Learn About Yourself On The Internet (gif heavy!)

Not my Blingee, or my living room! I don't live here, hence the file name being "band rider.jpg" not "myskankyasslivingroom")

So it's come to my attention that there are some weird rumours going around about me, it also appears that some of the rumour-mongers seem to skip the text in my entries and just look at the pretty pictures, thus this entry will be gif-heavy so they can't miss stuff (because I'm an all inclusive PC SRSter like that, and I'd hate for any of my readers to feel left out because of their chronic laziness!)

My Snog, Marry, Avoid appearance but with extra added va-jazz!

On e-fame... Ain't nobody got time fo' that!
In all seriousness, fame isn't really something I have a "need" for, Snog, Marry, Avoid and the as yet un-aired E4 pilot show I did for a laugh, TV is fun and ridiculously easy to get onto.
My blog again I do this because it's fun and opens up so many doors and new opportunities, I've met people in real life because of this blog and managed to land the opportunity to help out with the styling for the Dracula's Fashion Bite show last year, and I'm not going to lie when Sarah asked if I was "Queens of the Wild Frontier" before she introduced herself to me at the Brahm Stoker International Film Festival last year I did make a bit of an inner squeeing noise, but no "e-fame" is not really a motivation of mine.


No, no I do not have Aspergers, or ADHD or anything like that, as far as I'm aware I don't have any learning difficulties.
I dress like this because I like to dress like this, I don't need an excuse, and I don't think that everybody that doesn't like how I dress is a "jealous fatty hater".
If we all dressed exactly alike and all liked the the same thing the world would be boring as hell.

Amazing sparkle parties!

Rumour has it I have no friends... This is simply not true at all, currently I have the best circle of friends I have ever had and could ever ask for. I love my friends and anybody that had really encountered me in real life and who wasn't just a twisted up ball of unfathomable hate would know this as I rarely go anywhere without a couple of them.

Most of the Lolitas I have met in real life have been pretty nice, welcoming people too and as far as I'm aware I'm not "pre-banned" from all of the meets and cons in the UK.
I don't really do loli-meets though, as I've said here before they don't really interest me that much unless they are either a special event (ie: a Lolita meet at Goth Weekend, or a Festival I'm going to), or a convention with a guest or panel that I want to attend.
Nothing against people who do attend meets, to each their own and all that, but I find them a little boring to be honest.

So I was humming Nu Metal songs and this seemed like a good idea.

I don't believe I do have a "Mightier than thou" attitude, and as I have said to my friends and to my readers many, many times if you think I'm out of line on something, let me know, you might be right and I might just need it pointing out to me!
I'm not going to be humble to people who make shit up about me and then post it anonymously on 4chan though, if you're one of those people, not sorry your opinion doesn't count... Also you should probably like get some help or something, that shit's not healthy.

Or even "Coca Cola"...Gosh darn it Blingee!

And while we're at it...

Things I have done with bands

  1. Carried their stuff around.
  2. Blown their...Kiddie's paddling pools up!
  3. Bought them sex toys on that one occasion that "random sex toy" appeared on a rider (I didn't demonstrate it though).
  4. Made their food.
  5. Fetched their take aways.
  6. Brought them florescent bulbs, batteries, plug adaptors, Deep Heat and various other essentials that had been forgotton or left at a previous venue.
  7. Talked... A lot... Most of them are super friendly people and like to have a bit of a chinwag.
  8. Drank with them.
  9. Had vodka poured on my chest (I was wearing clothes, it was hilarious, but it did get absorbed into my skin and cause me to keep yelling "I HAVE VODKA ON MY TITS!!!" repeatedly at my friend...Oops.
  10. Shoe shopped
  11. Ate curry
  12. Discussed how to pronounce Pret A Manger, which countries have the best Falafel and a lengthy discussion about Argentinian Steak (despite the fact I'm never likely to eat it).
  13. Danced
  14. Sat in airports with them for hours because half the band were on another flight which was delayed.
  15. Walked their drunk asses back to hotels! (hilarious in retrospect, not so hilarious at the time when you have to snatch open vodka bottles away from them to hide them in your handbag so they don't get arrested on the way to said hotels).

Things I have not done with bands

  1. Done coke or any other illegal drug. 
  2. Prostituted myself for food (or anything else for that matter...What the actual hell do you think I am? A hooker sea-lion or something?)
  3. Anything even remotely sexual (aside from being in a monogamous relationship which I committed to, most people I've worked with aren't really my type, and I have to be professional anyway.)

Because a Blingee session that doesn't involve Snoop Dog droppin' it like it's hot somewhere is just bad and wrong.

So now that we have that cleared up, I'd like to ask that people neither make up, nor spread rumours about me. Grow up and move on with your life, instead of wasting it stalking mine.
After this I won't be asking nicely.

Thank you :)

(I'd also like to apologise to regular readers for the gif assault)

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