Sunday, 3 March 2013

Five Things for March 2013 - Week 1

1. Steam Ingenious on how to tell a quality corset from a not so great one. This article is an absolute must for anybody who likes and wears corsets or is considering getting one.

2. David Bowie - The Stars (are out tonight). I'm not horribly keen on the song, but it's a very interesting video (and it features Andrej Pejić)

3. The new Rimmel advert that features the music of Ulterior! 
I saw Ulterior a few years back supporting The March Violets, their vocalist threw a stage towel into the audience which landed on someone who is germaphobic and threw it back, ever since whenever someone mentions Ulterior to myself or my friends there is a chorus of "Bless his little cotton towel!", I guess we should change it to "Bless his little make-up removal pad" now!

I may have inadvertently "Vicar of Dibley'd" a puddle 0.o

4. I started using the Zombies, Run! 5k app on Friday
It's an awful lot of fun, and pretty easy to get into. Pretty sure I startled a man with a dog though when I got a warning in my ear that I was being hotly perused by a Zombie and suddenly broke into a full pelt run!
Another amusing part was getting warnings that said Zombie was right behind me and I just had to run a little further when I had a fence on either side of me and a giant, muddy puddle in front, "It's ok!"  thought "I'll just jump over it!"... Next thing I knew...Up to my knees in mud!

Image via bitstrips

5. Getting to spend last night hanging out with my awesome friends :)
So I've had a bit of an emotionally rough week, but I have truly awesome friends and it was nice to get to see them last night.
Hugs all around :)

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