Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Gillette Venus and Olay razor review

My Gillette Venus and Olay razor stuck to the wall with the handy, dandy sucker!

So for the past few weeks I have been asking trivia questions over on the Queens of the Wild Frontier Facebook Page, the reason is that I have been testing out the Gillette Venus and Olay razor, which was sent to me by Savvy Circle.
The answers to the questions will be at the end of this post, but first of all I want to talk about my thoughts on this product.

I don't usually like women's razors, usually I use a generic men's disposable razor because usually I find that women's razors aren't that strong, cost an absolute fortune and don't last very long.
This however gives an incredibly close shave (I had wanted to include a video but my camera just isn't HD enough to be able to show how close a shave this razor gives, I'm sorry!), and because of the Olay moisture bars it leaves my legs feeling soft and amazing, as an added bonus the moisture bars have the same delicious citrus-y smell that the Olay Multiraduance Lotion that I reviewed here has, so if like me you shave your legs in the bath/shower in the morning it really wakes you up! You can also then use a little of the lotion on your legs if you have it to make them extra soft and silky!
The other great thing about how closely this razor shaves is that usually I have to shave my legs twice over the course of a week to keep them smooth, however since starting to use this razor I only have to do them the once, and by a week later they're only just stubbly enough to justify shaving them again.

So as you can tell I'm pretty happy with this product, and I will be buying new blades (and at £10.99 for 3, I actually think that they might work out cheaper than some of the disposable razors I have bought in the past).

Now because I know you've all been wondering for those quiz answers:

  1. Stone Age Women (and likely men to) used Sea Shells to get rid of unwanted hair.
  2. There are over 8,000 hairs on a woman's leg.
  3. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk and honey.
  4. The first women's razor was the Gillette Milady Décolleté in 1915
Queen Elizabeth 1st plucked hairs from her forehead to look nobler.

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