Monday, 25 March 2013

Hawaii Style Through the Ages

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Dressing appropriately for the warm, tropical weather associated with Hawaii is about a lot more than simply wearing clothing that’s as minimal as possible. Hawaiian fashion trends have always been about celebrating the culture and embracing the ideals of the region to a very high degree. That said, it’s not difficult to see why they’ve had such a profound influence on the fashions of other parts of the world, such as Hollywood.
As is the case with any region’s trademark fashion traditions, Hawaiian fashion trends have been shaped by the local atmosphere, particularly the beautiful weather and peaceful way of life on the islands. Whenever people have wanted to let their laid back attitude or love of natural beauty shine, they wear items like Hawaiian shirts; long, flowing, wrapped Pa’u skirts; or fragrant tropical blooms in their hair. This infographic gives you a closer look at how all of those traditions came to be… and lets you in on some other fun facts about Hawaii to boot
Created by I Love Hula Girl, where visitors to Kauai can shop high-quality aloha-wear and Hawaiian apparel, jewelry, gifts & arts.

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