Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Olay Complete Care Multiradiance Review

So I've been using Olay Complete Care Multiradiance for a few weeks now since I was sent a bottle by Savvy Circle.
As always these are my opinions on the product and how it worked for me, your mileage may vary.

Firstly this lotion contains SP15, now I usually have a really hard time with lotions and potions that have sun protection in with them because they tend to feel a little bit weird and greasy on my skin, but I didn't find that was the case with this one.

Another good point is that a little goes a REALLY long way. This is how much I've been using on my face and neck for the past few weeks.

Brace yourselves, un-flattering self-shots are coming!

In with the product information I was given is a guide on how to apply it the best.

Honey-badger Pride!

Facial massages help to increase the blood flow to the face and gentle tapping motions help to promote radiance!

Applying the lotion in this way claims to make your skin up to 70% more radiant after your first application. I don't really think it was as high as 70%, but I do feel it has made a difference to my skin, it looks and feels nicer than it did before I started using this product.

Another great thing in my opinion is the smell! I realise it's a bit of a superficial thing but the lotion smells a bit like Mandarin oranges, which is a smell I really love and it just puts me in a good mood first thing in the morning when I put it on.

I'm not really sure if you can see the difference in my skin in pictures? I can feel it though!

So in my opinion, this is a pretty cool product and I would recommend it if like me you have issues with other products that have sun protection in them.

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