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The Beauty Of Designer Temporary Tattoos For The Customer And The Artist

Designer Temporary Tattoo Trend Benefits the Customer and the ArtistChanel temp tattoo set
One of the hottest trends to hit the beauty scene in recent months is designer temporary tattoos. In addition to its dynamic look, many designers are creating the styles to accessorize with their clothing lines and the bags their clientele carry. Artists are just as excited with this new fashion statement because temporary tattoos are a new way they can showcase their artistic talents in the bold designs that they create.

Temporary Tattoos as the New Accessory

Handbags, iPods, belts and shoes have been the norm in the latest fashion accessories. However, with the emergence of temporary tattoos, designers are getting in on the action with this fashionable body art. Unlike a permanent tattoo, temporary ink allows the individual to change their patterns and designs like they would their shoes. If you’re trying to go for a particular look, you can change your style to something more edgy or less dramatic depending on your particular mood. Fashion runways this season have their models ablaze with these designs that can decorate the face, shoulders, torsos, necks, legs and arms. Some popular styles include necklace and earring art, tribal symbols around the arms and neck and flowery back adornment.

Designers want a Piece of the Action

Famous designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dereon, Chanel and Betsey Johnson are at the top of this trend and have created their own lines of temporary tattoos for the consumer to enjoy. These temporary styles allow the individual to change their artistic creations with the season which is a drastic change from the permanent designs of regular tattoos. The upper end line of tattoos can be quite expensive for something temporary, but Betsey Johnson has made the tattoos affordable for most consumers with a price of around $25. If you’re looking to make a statement, Christian Dior’s latest collection starts in the area of $120 for a set. The temporary 24-carat gold creations are jewelry inspired, glamorous and can adorn any part of your body.

What do Tattoo Artists Think?

Artists at the helm of the temporary tattoos are just as excited. They can create an assortment of designs that go beyond permanence. High-end tattoo designs allow the artists to think outside the box and come up with designs that are ornamental and can be worn in a number of ways. Instead of adorning your neck or wrist with expensive jewelry, an artist can get creative and choose a tattoo necklace that matches a glamorous dress. Weddings no longer have to be traditional. Try draping your neck or shoulders in temporary tattoo art and give your walk down the aisle a unique and unusual flair.

Up and coming trend setters see this new look as a fashion hit and are embracing the temporary tattoos with open arms. If you’re looking for a new fashion trend that will set the seasons on fire this year, you might want to look into the latest designer creations in temporary fashion art before making the commitment to a permanent tattoo.
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