Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Alt Snap outfit photos from Resistanz

So I got a bit drunk and didn't take quite as many photos of people's outfits as I had intended to, but I did manage to get these:

These shots ladies... They were very good at their job... And kind of leathal 0.o

This fantastic hat!
She wore it all weekend, I'm not sure how she didn't boil, but it looks great!

I have literally no idea who these people are but they wouldn't let me go to the loo until I took their photo 0.o

It took me NINE attempts to take this photo of Ross because I accidentally turned the flash off and didn't realise :/

Really liked this latex outfit :)

I loved this lady's hat!

And then there was fish-head guy, who won the whole festival as far as I'm concerned!

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