Sunday, 26 May 2013

Veet EasyWax Review

The entire kit that was sent to me to test.

Well we all knew it would happen eventually, I've been using BzzAgent for over a year now and everything they've sent me so far has been fantastic, but the Veet Easywax (seriously whoever named that should probably stop smoking crack) is a complete dud.

I had been really looking forward to this one once I found out that I would be getting it, unfortunately I'm very disappointed with it. 

The kit I was sent included two different re-fills, one of legs and a "sensitive" (har-de-har) one for armpits and the bikini area.
I had intended to use both on the same day as the instructions said that it would only take 20 minutes to heat the wax up (clearly whoever named this piece of  Medieval Torture Equipment also made the wild guesses involved in the instructions)... 
It took over an hour to heat the leg cartridge, (also it would be handy if there was some kind of indicator, maybe the light could turn off or something?).
This has to have been one of the most painful home waxing kits I have ever used (and I have tried a lot of home waxing kits, I actually prefer waxing my legs because it lasts longer and there's no stubble with most kits, so I can't put this down to n00b ouchies), and my legs are now covered in painful red bumps (totally un-sexy), and the wipes for wiping away the wax residue made my skin itch (not nice, especially when it was already irritated). 
 So the leg cartridge? 

Would not buy at full price, on offer or accept for free again.

After the disaster that was the leg waxing cartridge  I decided that I really should be thorough and try the armpit and bikini line one a few days later (because I'd feel like a terrible product tester if I didn't).
Again it took over an hour to heat up, when it did finally heat up, applying the wax was hardly the walk in the park the instructions made it out to be (pro-tip: If you do want to try out the Medieval Torture Device on your underarms, please note that armpits are a weird shape, arms do not bend like they do in the instruction leaflet and this will be much easier if someone helps you), I applied the wax and removal sheet exactly as it said in the instructions and when I pulled away the sheet was in a great deal of pain and found that most of the wax was still on my armpit and there were only three hairs on the sheet.

The wipes for removing the wax felt truly vile on my underarms and didn't really work so they ended up sticking together, when I did finally get all of the wax off I discovered that my armpits were bruised so that wax is going nowhere near my nono place!

Fortunately I also happen to be testing Tesco Free From and Nescafe AZERA as well at the moment, so when my boyfriend came home to find me weeping on the floor with my arms stuck to my sides he made me a nice cuppa and gave me a Mrs Crimbles Macaroon to cheer me up!
(coffee and macaroon reviews to follow).

 I feel very guilty for sharing the Amazon discount code on Facebook before I found out how awful and unsafe the product was, but on the off-chance my review hasn't made you run for the hills and you do want to try it out for yourself you can get 50% off by using the code EASYWAX4 before June 30th which can be entered on when you are checking out their order. There is a box called ‘Gift cards & promotional codes’ on the ‘Review Your Order’ page where you can enter the code.

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