Saturday, 15 June 2013

Nescafe Azera review

My mug on the left featuring Azera with soya milk and Kev's on the right with regular milk

I am a tea drinker, until a few years back when Starbucks screwed up my order and accidently gave me a coffee instead of my chai latte and I quite liked it. I tried a few instants and realised that nope... I'm a coffee snob, just can't do instant... Yuck!
So when I was sent a sample from BzzAgent I was very interested in Azera's claims to be as good as barista coffee, I was pretty skeptical but actually... It's pretty good stuff!
I will certainly be buying the regular kind again as I was incredibly impressed by it.
I do have a slight complaint about the Cappuccino kind, in order to mix it properly you need a GIANT mug and it doesn't explain this on the packaging, in a regular sized mug it just turns into a weird sludge.
Over all I'm pretty happy though and I think I will be buying it again!

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