Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A few pictures from the weekend!

So here are just some tourist snaps I took, I'm still sorting through the pictures I took for Twisted Edge and I will let you know when those go up.
First of all is my outfit from Saturday, I wore Pirate Lolita, unfortunately my Dracula corset is now way, way too big for me and looks kind of tube-y in this picture, fortunately I will be visiting Queenie on Friday so hopefully we can re-cut it so it will fit me now I'm a little trimmer around the tum! 

Alea der Bescheidene of Saltatio Mortis crowd surfed right past us!
They were probably my favourite band of Saturday, in fact of the than the one on my arm that came from Ost Front pelting me with chicken, I am fairly sure that most of my bruises came from bouncing up and down to Saltatio Mortis, at points it felt like their set was an Aerobic Class haha! 

I got to see The Cruxshadows twice in one week, I saw them last Monday at Legends where they were fantastic, however seeing them in a festival is a whole new, rather snazzy experience for me!
I'm now pretty convinced that Rogue is some kind of Teleporting, Weeping Angel, Spiderman or something as he started from within the crowd and nobody noticed him until just as they were about to start! Ninjas 'aint got nothing on Rogue!

Also while dancing to The Cruxshadows I bumped into Adora BatBrat and some of her friends, so we became the unmissabley bouncy section of the crowd haha!

Adorable Kevin is adorable! :D

Quite chuffed with this picture that I took of Linde from HIM. My inner teenager squee'd at them a lot! They played a very odd yet enjoyable set, mostly tracks from Love Metal, although only one of those tracks was a single (Buried Alive By Love), I kind of wish that they'd have done the acoustic version of Funeral of Hearts, but still I can't have everything my own way, and I did enjoy what they played!

Coppelius who I love and adore... Seriously I would really like one of the UK Steampunk promoters to have a huge lottery win or something because I would really like to see this band play the UK but there are six of them plus instruments so  it would probably cost quite a lot to bring them here... Someone do it! someone! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

I was way too far away from Nightwish to take a good picture, but they were also pretty damn enjoyable, even if I did have to sit out a lot of their set because my legs were pretty much broken by that point.

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