Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Inspirations: Luisa Casati

Painted by Zuloaga in 1922

"I want to be a living work of art"
The famous words of Luisa Casati, 1920's It Girl, artistic music and fashion's marvel.

One of Erte's takes on her look.

It is said that in her heyday she would walk the streets wearing nothing but a fur coat, walking her precious pet cheetahs leashed with diamond encrusted collars, she certainly knew how to make an entrance!
Her plan was to "commision her own immortality" and she certainly achieved it, photographed by Man Ray, sketched by Martini, painted by Dongen, she was a Muse to many of the greats of her day, and still having been buried in Brompton Cemetery for over half a century, still she continues to inspire people today!

In this Dior collection for example John Galliano cited her as an influence!

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