Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Day at the Hotel


After two days of trips we decided to have a day of relaxing in our hotel

We were quite happy with our hotel room although some of the other people there seemed not so happy so maybe we were just lucky?

Kev on the balcony

Tunisian beer is nice, very similar to Dutch beer

The hotel had a cat

It was a very friendly cat

so we made a big fuss of her :)

Our hotel had it's own beach

It got very busy during the day, but towards sunset it was nice and quiet

Kev kept making fun of my sunglasses

There were lots of these birds around

They made the cutest noises

Our hotel had some very nice tiles

I'm inspired to sew things like this

there were olive trees all over our hotel

More hotel cat!

In the evening some very cute lizards came out

They danced around on the ceilings!

More Brik!

We had a belly dancer entertain us at dinner

More kitteh!

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