Thursday, 3 October 2013


After Matmata we headed out even further into the desert

For the Camel ride we were offered the chance of wearing traditional clothing for an extra 2 dinar

Which is around 75p so of course we went for it

Glad we did too as it helped to keep us cool and the turbans were useful for keeping the sand out of our faces!


At this point I started to feel a little nervous, I had been really looking forward to the camel trekking part of the tour but I'd never done it before... What if I didn't like it?

And while I shrieked a little going up I actually quite enjoyed it once I was up!

It was a little hard to take photographs at first though!

My camel was a litte naughty

Kev's however was very obedient.

In fact everybody but me seemed to have well behaved camels

It's almost like they same me coming!

The Sahara desert is beautiful!

Getting down from the camel I didn't like AT ALL, I felt like I was going to shoot off the front!

That's my camel in the middle

A line of camels!

The sun over the dunes!

The temperature out in the Sahara wasn't as face-melting as I was expecting 

It was actually pretty nice!

While we were stopped in the desert Kev got out the video camera (I will post the videos soon) and began to film the desert

After a few minutes he handed the camera to a couple we had met earlier 

and asked them to film us for a while

I had no idea what he was doing!

He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I said yes!

And then a salesman appeared and tried to sell us a desert rose!

I actually found that pretty funny and I admire his enterprising spirit, although we didn't buy one

One last picture of the dunes

Then back on the camels to head back

we headed back as the sun was setting

it was beautiful!

I'm quite proud of this picture!

Sand as far as the eye can see!

A quick shout out to The Camel's Nose which is the blog that made me want to ride on camels in the first place. It's a wonderful blog and you should check out her very many camel adventures.

Sunset over the dunes

My wonderful fiance :)

Isn't that light beautiful?

Just gorgeous!

People say that the desert is empty but as an artist I don't agree, it's full of colours!

Time to get down from my camel

Goodbye camels

beautiful sunset!

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