Tuesday, 1 October 2013

El Djem Amphitheatre

The first place we visited on our holiday was the Amphitheatre at El Djem.

The amphitheatre at El Djem is the best preserved in the world (even more so than the one in Rome and the one in Verona).

It has featured in many historical documentaries

And films

It was the amphitheatre used in Gladiator

And Monty Python's The Life of Brian

Not all of the historical curiosities are Roman in origin however!

The ruins are truly beautiful!

I'm very glad I got to visit!

There are a LOT of steps to the top

Many of which aren't very even

But it's worth the climb

As the views are spectacular!

Breathtaking even!

And look at that contrast between the blue sky and the yellow stone!

There were plenty of opportunities for arty photographs!

I like shooting from below :)

The manager's dugout!

Underground where the lions were kept

Kev underground :)

The underground area is a long tunnel with entrance points at both sides of the arena

Ascending more steps to get to the stands!

View from the stands!

You can really see where football stadiums took their design from.

Throw 'em to the lions!

Truly awesome!

Another fantastic view as far as I'm concerned :)

I feel like I should have been listening to Dance of the Nights here!

The contrast between old and new (also my first picture of a camel!)

So many twists and turns!

I really liked the ceiling too!

In the arena!

The arena is still used for concerts sometimes

The view from the arena


Beautiful archways.

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