Monday, 7 October 2013

The Mountains

The next place we visited was the mountains on the border with Libya

This was another place with fantastic views

Near the bottom of the mountain is a town that was destroyed by the flooding in 1967

People used to live here but now it is nothing more than a ruin

On the side of the mountain is a statue of a mountain goat

Climbing the mountain path is tough

and I recommend wearing good shoes

but the views are worth it!

Up close with the mountain goat

There are canyons in the mountains

Where rivers used to run

It's almost an alien landscape!

Another planet!

Perhaps Tatooine! 

The goat from the other side

Perfect blue sky

The mountains are made up from fossilised shellfish

which makes it a little strange underfoot

and gives the rocks their unique texture

Kev :)


At the bottom of the mountain is a hot spring

there is a small river

And along side it are palm trees

The river leads to a small waterfall

And a very pretty bridge

On the mountain is a small cafe that is full of cats!

I drank fresh pomegranate juice

and took photos of the playful kittens!

so cute!

Next we got back into the jeeps

Do you see that lake on the horizon?

It's not a real lake!

It's a mirage!

A shadow from the sand dunes!

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