Sunday, 24 November 2013

Can we please give it a rest with this kind of thing?

I'd just like to say something. I have been a Vegetarian since birth, and I am really sick of seeing this unresearched propaganda all over the place. Really people if you're that committed to "showing people the light" at least fact check...

3. Is pretty vauge and really poorly worded. Meat in itself, is not worse for global warming than cars. Lions and tigers and bears don't rip massive chunks in the ozone layer every time they get hungry and bring down a prey animal. Intensive farming however does contribute to global warming quite a bit in that the more animals you have on the planet (including humans I might add) the more methane they create which is one of the gasses that contribute to global warming. If we still went with the natural order of things (like animals do, other than maybe ants because ants farm) then it wouldn't be a huge problem, however farming means more animals are bred and kept in smaller spaces which means more methane.

5 and 6. There are MANY contributors to heart disease and cancers. Too much red meat MAY be one of those factors, however there are also things like genetics and overall fitness to consider. Becoming a Vegetarian won't cancel the other factors out and make you immortal.
Let's not forget that Linda McCartney died from breast cancer.

7 and 8. Well that's body shaming bullshit.

Do I look skinny to you?

I'll say it again. I was raised Vegetarian... I have NEVER eaten meat. Being Vegetarian isn't a magical cure for fat rolls.
You know what is vegetarian?
Everything in this book:
and they're fucking delicious.

So again, factors, Vegetarianism isn't going to make you magically skinny, you'd also need to watch what you eat and get some exercise.

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