Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Confidence and the selfie

Looking tired and pixelated doesn't really boost my confidence, but to each their own.

There's been a lot of fuss kicked up about the humble "selfie" ( a photo taken of oneself usually with a self timer or by holding a camera or cameraphone at arm's length and praying to the gods that your elbow doesn't end up in frame).

First of all it got added to the dictionary, I know I also wept tears of sadness for the direction the English language is taking, but oh well languages change over time, at least I know how all of the non-Harry Potter fans felt when "muggle" made it into the dictionary.

And secondly? This thing happened.
Now don't get me wrong, up until a point I actually agree with it, you shouldn't need to seek validation from other people to feel empowered and being beautiful shouldn't be the be all and end all of everything, but (and here's where I start to veer off), I don't see why if most of your focus is on being awesome rather than looking it why prettiness can't be a secondary thing?

The thing I think all of us need to realise is that EVERYBODY is different, it's such a simple thing and yet so many people seem to not get this. What harm is there is someone wanting to feel pretty so long as they aren't desperately seeking validation from someone else?

As long time readers will know, I used to post a lot of self shots on here as part of my "Hair of the day" segment (which eventually I would really like to bring back, I've just been having trouble finding the time lately), and I keep having the urge to write huge, wordy posts (such as these) inter-spaced with pictures of  things I get horribly over excited about (like Brother's Toffee Apple Cider), and thus crazy hair has been temporarily pushed to the back burner.
The point is, the reason I was posting those was that I wanted to show off my ability to do all of these complicated looking things with my hair (if you watched the videos or looked at the links posted in those posts you'd see hat most of them were actually fairly simple), I wasn't looking to hear "you're pretty" and honestly when I did get comments like that I didn't really believe them because I was going though a pretty crappy time in my head at the time and didn't really think I was, in fact I was fairly convinced I was pretty damn ugly, not really a good thing when you're one of those people that wants everything.
Thing is being faced with my own face every day helped me accept it more, it's my face, I'm stuck with it (because seriously if I had enough money for surgery, I'd probably spend it on designer shoes or something), and actually it helped me like it more, there's still things I don't like (seriously what the fuck pores, why you so huge!), but mostly, I'm pretty happy with it, if I hadn't been taking goodness knows how many pictures of my face it might have taken a lot longer to come to that conclusion.

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