Thursday, 21 November 2013

Some of my favourite bits and bobs from Dr Who

One of my favourite shows of all time turns 50 this weekend. I grew up watching re-runs of Dr Who after Noel's House Party on a Saturday tea time, I was thrilled and ecstatic when the BBC finally brought it back and five years ago when I walked into the house of the guy I'd just started going out with and discovered that he had two bookcases filled with Classic Dr Who VHS's I knew we were on the same wavelength (and we're engaged now! Geronimo!). So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite things.

Favourite Dr

David Tennant. Not just because he's adorable (but seriously he is!), but because he was MY DR. As I said I grew up on re-runs, but Dr Who was cancelled before I was even born, the film wasn't really my cup of tea and when it came back Ecclestone only did a series so I didn't really have time to get attached to his Dr.
Tennant's Dr, was the perfect combination of serious and hilarious and in a lot of ways reminded me of my favourite classic Dr, played by Tom Baker.

Favourite Assistant

She hit a Dalek with a baseball bat!
A baseball bat!
Need I say more?
Probably not, but I'm going to anyway.
I liked Ace when I was a kid, she was cool, she wasn't the "girly" people kept telling me I had to be, she did "boy" things like carry a backpack full of explosives and go on adventures AND she had hair long enough to braid.
In short I wanted  want to be Ace!

Favourite Aliens

The Silurians. Dr Who and the Silurians is one of my favourite classic episodes, probably a bizarre sentiment but it's probably one of the most realistic going by UNIT's reactions to them. I always get the feeling that if something similar was ever to really happen then that's exactly how it would end.
Rebooted, I quite liked that their introduction episodes (The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood)  paid homage to The Silurians (though that is essentially the third version of the same story given how similar The Sea Devils is), and I admit it, I have a HUGE crush on Madame Vastra because she's just made of amazing.

Favourite Costumes that did not age well

Pretty much all of the aliens in The Web Planet. I actually really liked The Web Planet, and despite what a lot of other people seem to think I don't find it boring at all, however the elephant in the room is the costumes. Giant ants with remarkably human looking legs, sort of adorable looking moth men and what look weirdly like those roomba, robot hoover things travelled back in time to star in sixties sci-fi manage to make the whole thing unintentionally humorous...And yet still full of cosplay potential!

Favourite Costumes

The Girl in the Fireplace, which to be honest is my favourite episode period.
Big dresses?
Pre- Revolutionary France?
Kick ass historical figure?
Mother fucking check!

Moment of "I like this but apparently nobody else does"

The Sensorites. This is another one that occasionally produces bouts of "WTAF"ery at the costumes (and the bit where out of nowhere suddenly a Sensorite appears on the wind shield like some kind of inter-dimensional bug), but I LIKE IT OK?

Genuinely scared the crap out of me first time I saw it

Revelation of The Daleks. Until I re-watched this earlier in the year I couldn't remember ANYTHING about this story other than Davros was in it, he was just a head without a body and it TERRIFIED ME. Like for years despite the fact that I couldn't remember anything else about the story I had a crippling fear of Davros because of it, to the point that I found myself AS AN ADULT RUNNING past an animatronic Davros in a museum.
So as you can imagine facing my fears involved whiskey, snacks and a significant other to hide behind.
Re-watch experience?
The terrible acting was scarier than Davros's disembodied head!

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