Monday, 18 November 2013

Time to send Doomie off on her travels!

So Doomie will be off to her next host sometime next week so I thought I'd post all of the pictures of her stay with me!

The Green in Newcastle, where most of the alternatives around my age used to hang out before we were old enough to legally drink.

The late, great, Legends nightclub,  one of two venues to suddenly shut down during Doomie's stay o.0

The Theatre Royal

St Nicholas Cathedral

The Vampire Rabbit (nobody seems to know why there's a vampire rabbit over a doorway in Newcastle, but there is and it's cool!)

Washington Old Town

The original Washingotn!

One of the trees in the background was planted by President Jimmy Carter during his visit in 1977

The wall of the massive cemetary

Hanging out with dragons on Forever in Black's table at Scream Con

with my university friend Katz who I hadn't seen in four years!

With Queenie in the CO- OP car park in Whitby

Her date for the night!

looking fabulous with Joe Black

In the cottage we stayed in for Whitby Goth Weekend

With Miles and Erica from The Wonderstuff

with my better half Kev and DV8 mastermind Hamster Boy

Jenni of Wyte Phantom in one of her fabulous handmade corsets

With Rosie Lugosi of The March Violets

Si, also of The March Violets putting the "travelling" into "travelling doll project"

With me outside of Justin's in Whitby

With DJ Ghost

Writing Apopanant on The Charnel House request list!

Drinking with my friend Tia

with Marc and Jenni

Dancing at The Charnel House

Being a star in The Cluny's dressing room!

On stage!

Sitting below the big picture of John Peel

with my mam :)

To see where Doomie heads next, and read Overcast with a Chance of Doom, in which she stars visit

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