Saturday, 30 November 2013

Where has the year gone?

Sorry not sorry this goat was adorable but has nothing to do with this post.

2013 is almost over, just December left and it's gone forever!
Some crappy things have happened this year, and I stressed out so much at one point that I started biting chunks out of my thumbs, but over all? 2013 has actually probably been one of the best years I've had since I was a child and didn't really have much to worry about.
Things happened this year that I never thought would, I've opened my mind and (mostly) stopped building invisible walls around myself all the time and I feel so much better for it!
I've rode a camel across the desert, been proposed to as the sun was setting, found myself (down the back of the sofa the whole time, along with a dusty 50p and a dice!), made friends and lost fiends, really 2013 has been a blast.
So what's next? How do I make sure I never come back down from this high?
Well I realised that I suck at long lists of resolutions , I never keep them all, but a few years back when I did charity work with the WWF (as in the World Wildlife Fund rather than the guys that hit each other with chairs) I gave myself three goals, a short term, a mid term and a long term goal, when I completed a goal I made a new one and those were much easier to stick too, so I decided that I'd give that a try again for 2014.

Short term goal:

Enjoy the holidays with my friends and family

Mid term goal:

Decide what we need/want for our wedding and start pricing things up so that we know how much we need to save for it.

Long term goal:

Move to a better house without quite such noisy neighbours! 

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