Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Just as things are starting to look tidy again :/

So last week my ceiling started dripping, we didn't think it was too huge a deal because it was just a drip so we let the building caretakers know and attempted to let upstairs know their bath was overflowing or something.
Except it turns out our new upstairs neighbours really hate to answer the door, but the caretakers came around, took a photo and promised to fix it.
Well for a couple of days the drip stopped and all was well.
Except that on Sunday the drip began again, we only noticed after the caretakers had gone home for the night so there wasn't much could be done about it, still it didn't seem that bad, just annoying.
That was until Kev switched on my studio light, there was a loud bang and suddenly all the lights went out.
Great, had to spend the night lit by candles and the the glow of the television (the only circuit that had tripped was the lighting one).
So on Monday I went to see the caretakers and mentioned the light, asked them to keep me in the loop and then heard nothing more all day so had to spend another night by candle light (also candle lit baths are not as romantic as I was lead to believe, my bathroom just looked like something from a Hammer Horror film).
Yesterday the caretakers dropped by to say that the upstairs water had been switched off and wouldn't go on again until the problem was fixed so it would be safe for us to call an electrification now, great I'd have light!
The sparky was here for half the day 0.o
We had a sixties-tastic bowl light shade that was here when we moved in and we hadn't got around to replacing yet and when the guy took it off the entire thing was filled with water, so it looks like Kev and I are pretty lucky to be alive really.
After we dried everything up and he got up to have a look at the wiring it turned out all of the plastic (including a lot of the wire coating) had melted, and that part of the ceiling would need to come down so it could be replaced.
Thus my studio now looks like a bomb hit it, my fabrics are all over the living room and fifi is drying out on the sofa :/
But ho hum, at least we're alive.

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