Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dear You

Years ago when I first was allowed my own email address the very first thing that I did with it was sign up for the AFI (as in the band not the American/ Australian Film Institute) fan forums.
Anyway on the 10th Circle section of Despair Faction boards one of the recurring threads was the "Dear You" thread where people would write letters to anonymous people in order to get things off their chests.
I participated in many of these thread over the years and I found it incredibly helpful to be able to write things down sometimes.
So without further ado:

Dear You,
             Sometimes I wonder if I should feel bad for enjoying this but then I remember I've done nothing wrong.
You put me through so much pain and no matter how many times I tried to reach out to you you kept on stabbing.
Well guess what, looks like it's all come unraveled at last doesn't it? 
I get it in ways, I mean I have everything you ever wanted now because I decided not to obsess over bringing someone down and instead focused on self improvement whereas you seem to have lost everything you had going for you, it's almost like karma bit you in the arse or something. 
You look ridiculous by the way when you act like that. I hate the phrase "man up" but good grief you should just admit it, you dun goofed.
I suppose it's pointless attempting to give you advice, because I've tried that so many times already, so well I guess either you could grow up and stop being such a drama queen, admit to your lies and move on or you can just keep massively over reacting whenever I dance into a room if you want because it's actually pretty entertaining.
Alexandria xxx

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