Saturday, 22 February 2014

Song Lyrics that make you happy

So I've become a bit addicted to the "On this day" app on Facebook, and since Valentines I've been re-reading over the saga of the break up with my ex of doom (TL;dr I knew that things were never going to work out and that he was using me by that point, but I wanted to dump him in person, he instead ditched me over yahoo instant messenger and moved onto the next gullible person), and subsequent couple of months of e-stalking Kev (I don't recommend sitting on Facebook all night waiting for someone to post so you can reply to it as a form of flirting, but meh worked for us haha), and raising money for my charity headshave.
In amongst that I rediscovered a bunch of old quiz memes and it's funny how things have changed with some of them.
Turns out I was a bit of an emo in 2009, these days I'm a much more positive person.
So lets compare how my answers to this differ. In 2009 I gave these answers to this meme:

1) "Fuck fashion Fuck, fuck the fashion Spit out victims Fashion fuck you"- Fuck Fashion by Angelspit (Odd song for a fashion student perhaps, but good to listen to whenever I feel myself becoming cloney 

2) "I don't believe in God, but I pray for you"- Faraway Volume 2 by Apocalyptica 

3) "My weakness is that I care to much"- Scars by Papa Roach (Don't hate on me for quoteing Papa Roach, this line from this song has described me for years, it was even a feature in my memory box that I made for college) 

4) "How's it feel to be a freak? Oh so pale and so unique?"- Renagade Cavelcade by Ash 

5 "I'm just a little girl you see, but there's a hell of a lot more to me, don't ever underestimate what I can do, don't ever tell me how I'm ment to be"- Just a Little Girl by Amy Studt (Sick of people assumeing I know nothing because I'm only 19) 

6) "I'd show a smile but I'm to weak, I'd share with you could I only speak, just how much this hurts me"- This Time Imperfect by A.F.I. (I don't share my problems because when I do, nine times out of ten people make it worse by trying to help) 

7) "We are so young, our lives have just begun but allready we are considering escape from this world"- Join Me in Death by HIM (the whole of the Razorblade Romance Album is special to me, that just happens to be my favorite track) 

8) "Aaaaand when I lay there in a dreeeeeeeam, it' all their faces that I've seen"- Strange mystery track on the end of Libertad (I believe it might be called Sweet Caroline) by Velvet Revolver (It makes me smile and wonder what the hell possesed them to write that one!) 

9) "Hold your breath, count to ten fall apart and start again"- English Summer Rain by Placebo 

10) "We are wild, we are free through the darkness follow me!"- Sisters of the light by Xandria 

Now in 2014 I would say:

1) "Fuck fashion Fuck, fuck the fashion Spit out victims Fashion fuck you"- Fuck Fashion by Angelspit
Yeah that's still there, if there's one thing fashion uni taught me it's that creativity is not appreciated in fashion, everything is planned for years so that the mould can't be broken. Fuck that, fuck moulds.

2) "And if I die today I'll be the happy phantom." - Happy Phantom by Tori Amos
I'm 98% happy most days, if I were to get hit by a bus or whatever I wouldn't feel like my life had been a waste of time. I've been happy, I've been inspired, I've loved, I've made people happy, inspired people and I am loved.

3) "My name is Tristan and I am ALIVE." - Tristan by Patrick Wolf.
I have a life now, I have control, I make my own decisions and it is a very long time now since I found myself counting down until I could escape.

4) "I'm still talking BUT YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!" - Chrome by VNV Nation.
Slightly less positive one here in that sometimes I do feel a lot like I'm yelling at the top of my lungs about important things but nobody is hearing.

5) "I'll tell you something, I am a wolf but, I like to wear sheep's clothing." - Temptation Waits by Garbage.
So a lot of people seem to look at me and think I'll be completely different to how I am, surprising them kind of amuses me. :)

6) "Respect yourself and others will surround you." Prince Charming by Adam and the Ants.
It's true, the more I realise that hey maybe I'm not so bad a person after all, the more (and the better) friends I gain.

7) "Which of us holds the hand me downs, which of us wears the wedding gowns?" Is She Secretly On My Side by Unwoman.
I know it's petty, but I do find it funny in a sort of schadenfreude way that someone who tried to wreck my life is now stuck with my cast offs and now I'm living her dreams.

8) "I am not an old school conservationist I wrote a bunch of hits, got the elites pissed" - Destroy, Improve, Rebuild by Faderhead. 
I've never written any hits, at present anyway I can't write music for shit, but I can agree with the sentiment.

"We won't give up, we won't give in, we won't go quietly away." - Halo by The Cruxshadows.
Words to live by.

9) "Every day there's a war to fight and if I win or lose nevermind." - Ready For The Good Times by Shakira.

10) "I'm not a Pandora, I'm much more like that girl in the mirror." - Suspended in Gaffa by Kate Bush

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