Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Almond tree

Lately I have started drinking Amaretto when I want to drink spirits, it makes a nice change from vodka or Jagermeister.
It started when we were given a small bottle of  Disaronno the Christmas before last and I thought it tasted like cake. So sweet and almondy, it was delicious!
Some time last year Kev bought two bottles of a generic brand of Amaretto from the supermarket, and they just weren't as good, they were ok and everything but they tasted like fake almond essence.
A few weeks back we had Disaronno again, yum yum yum!
This weekend Kev picked up a bottle of Amaretto Di Antonio which was pretty cheap, but actually it's really nice! More of a roasted almond taste than Disaronno.
Yum yum yum

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