Monday, 21 July 2014

Seven Songs For This Week

So I have been posting a song every day for the past few weeks and I feel a bit like it's distracting away from my main blog themes. So I decided to pick seven songs every Monday instead.

I pick these tunes in partnership with Promolta, and I am not going to lie I am paid if people watch the videos, however I won't post any old junk. I am only posting videos from bands that I think will appeal to you my readers.

Joe Perrino ~ Giovanottello
So that means I will be posting mostly Alternative, Rock, Metal and EDM, but not just any Alternative, Rock, Metal and EDM oh no!

Psycho Mad Sally- World Fits The Kitchen
I work my way through the lists of available videos and pick out the best. I am only picking out videos that I myself like because I don't want any generic unmemorable tracks taking up space here.

Elektrik People - The Lost Get Loud

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