Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Terrifying Clowns Arrested in Tokyo

My lovely Kev bought me a pair of Miss Needles hair sticks at Infest at the weekend. We had a little bit of a giggle with the lady on the stall (not Miss Needles herself, she wasn't there), about the silly little girl I used to be friends with loudly trying to tell people at a recent fet night that her Miss Needles hairband she was wearing was actually made of real needles and therefore actually a dangerous weapon that she needed a licence to wear.
I wonder if anybody actually belives her tripe any more? I still wonder how anybody ever did, though I am one of those people who used to believe the weirdness that came out of her mouth.
I was a bit dim when I was a teenager.
Still, look at mah pretty hair sticks!

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