Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Just Ignore It, It Won't Go Away

4chan's front page

I have wanted to write something for a couple of weeks now since those nude photos of female celebrities were leaked on 4chan and reddit, but sometimes it's hard for me to work what I want to say into a coherent blog post.
In the past few days Emma Watson has spoken out about gender inequality and in response been threatened with having nude photos of her put on the internet, which rather proves her point don't you think?
Surely if we're really in a world that no longer needs feminism then photos of women's bodies would not still be drawn out in an attempt to control us would they?
See the thing is it's not just famous people this happens to, for years people (mostly women) have had their accounts on sites hacked, revenge porn is hugely popular and recently Texas Law Courts decided that it's fine to upskirt people.
You don't even need to be naked for people to anonymously criticise and try to lay claim to your body, I already spoke a few months back about discovering that some of my photos had been used without my consent or the photographer's permission, and while they have mostly left me alone since then, photoshop threads still happen, ita threads still happen where 90% of the comments have nothing to do with the outfits (that the wearers didn't ask for your opinion of in the first place anyway), and are in fact messages of hate based on people's sizes, skin colour, hair texture, richness, poorness, every single thing they can pick at they do.
And the advice that is given to myself, those people in the ita threads, those people in the photoshop threads, and in comments on news articles about leaked nudes, and Emma Watson and "Gammergate"?
"Just ignore it, they'll go away."
Except that it doesn't really go away, if you're "lucky" they'll get bored and leave you alone, but they don't go away, they still exist, they learned nothing from this experience and will instead move on to someone else.
All you do by ignoring the problem is just pass it on to someone else and that is not ok.
Nothing ever changes if you ignore it.

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