Monday, 20 October 2014

Feminist Gangs

Not that it ever was.

So making the news at the moment here in the not so United Kingdom lately has been the Chad Evans case.
TL;dr Sheffield footballer convicted of raping a woman, served half his sentence before being let out, now wants his job back, oh and one of our daytime TV stars had this to say:

Yep Judy because saying that you aren't defending someone before you defend them magically makes sense somehow, and then people sent her daughter rape threats on twitter (because somehow that makes sense?), and the red tops are finally calling for an end to internet trolls and want to call the law after Judy's daughter (not being funny, nobody deserves rape threats, at all, period, but surely if you're going to name a law after someone it makes more sense to go for someone like ooh say Anita Sarkeesian who has to put up with this bullshit every day), anyway Mr Evans's mother is now a "victim of a Feminist gang", and trying to imagine what a Feminist gang would look like is actually the one thing keeping me from hurling abuse at the TV every time I switch it on and see that this story is still ongoing.

A Feminist gang would no doubt be the most diverse gang ever, but we all have to get a new burning bra tattoo every time we Misander.

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