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Sailor Moon Crystal - Episode 7 Thoughts

I have seen the original anime in both it's dubbed version and subtitled several times through, although I'm really bad at remembering the Japanese character names so I'll be referring characters as their westernised names within this post, I have also read a few of the mangas but not all because I've never had the cash to be able to justify completing my collection when I have so many other things I want or need to get first. I have unfortunately never managed to find a dubbed or subtitled version of the live action Sailor Moon. from what I've read Sailor Moon Crystal is a lot closer to the manga than the original anime is.
In order to compare the episodes respectively I watched both the original anime and Sailor Moon Crystal ( you can watch SMC on Hulu in some countries, I couldn't get that to play here in the UK so I googled and found a stream of it on another site, however I'm not sure how legal the stream is so I'm not going to link to it).
From this point onwards THAR BE SPOILERS!

The episode starts with Serena still in Darien's bed (oh my!) and recaps part of the previous episode before she wonders how she didn't realize Darien is Tuxedo Mask (something I think everybody wonders!). She asks him why he is looking for the Imperium Silver Crystal and he explains that he is trying to regain his childhood memories, and that he remembers his parents died in a car crash when he was six, and that he has been having recurring dreams about the crystal.
He asks her why she is looking for the crystal (TL;dr, "My cat told me too"), and then asks her to keep their talk secret. Serena remembers Luna's warning that Darien might be tricking her.
She leaves, almost forgetting her bag!
Meanwhile Luna chats with a mysterious sailor scout, who says that it's to late to give Serena more experience.

Over in the Negaverse Queen Beryl awakes Queen Metilia. Metalia says that she needs more human energy and Beryl says that the Sailor Scouts keep getting in the way, Metalia explains that the Senchi defeated her once before and that she must have the Imperium Silver Crystal.
Next we get some back story about Queen Beryl, she was an ordinary human once, hiking in the North Pole when she found and awakened Queen Metalia, she fears that if she gets the crystal, Metalia will devour the earth, so Beryl intends to keep it for herself and become supreme ruler of earth. She sends Zoicite to look for Sailor Moon.

Back on Earth Molly is browsing a DVD rental store for a romance movie. Rei walks past the store and spots a creepy guy with armfuls of porn and gets a strange feeling about the store.

The next day Serena is greeding lunch from Lita again, who says she has enough to give some to Ami too. Ami is researching Sailor Venus when suddenly Melvin pops up out of the bushes and announces that nobody cares about Sailor V any more, now people just want to know about Sailor Moon!

Melvin is a complete creeper and talks about catching Sailor Moon. The girls ask Luna if she knows anything about Sailor Venus and she admits that she does!
Serena has her whole face in Lita's bento like a pig in a trough.
Whilst trying to find her handkerchief to get ketchup off her face she discovers that she has Darien's pocket watch and contemplates weather or not she should tell the others that Darien is Tuxedo Mask and he now knows that she is Sailor Moon, she decides against it because she is afraid she'll get into trouble.
In class Molly is acting strangely and seems to only care about finding Sailor Moon, Serena realises that the rest of the class are also acting strangely and muttering about Sailor Moon. Luna notices they all have a DVD from the same rental store and steals Molly's copy.
She puts the DVD into the Sailor V console in the arcade, but the picture is just some white noise.
Suddenly the Sailor V video game announces that it's a negaverse brainwashing disc and Sailor Moon must hurry and stop it.
Darien sits on a bus wondering why he told Serena about him being Tuxedo Mask and why he is looking for the crystal.

The people on the bus start acting strangely as well, as does everybody in town and suddenly they're all like zombies only they want Sailor Moon instead of brains!
Ami is almost brainwashed by the disc but saved by Luna, the girls decide they'd better find Serena and protect her.
Serena transforms into Sailor Moon and heals the zombies, but Zoisite appears and tries to kidnap her, but the other scouts arrive just in time!
Unfortunately their attacks bounce right off Zoisite's shield, but Tuxedo Mask arrives just in time and PUNCHES ZOISITE IN THE FACE!
The pair have a brief reunion before he attempts to punch Zoisite again, but fails to get through his shield this time, Zoisite threatens to kill Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask is powerless to stop him, but then a strange attack!
It was Sailor Venus and Artemis!
Then the episode ends!

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