Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Weekend in Glasgow Remembered

Can't get enough of this building

On Friday Kev had the day off work, so we headed up to Glasgow to see Delain play at The Classic Grand.
The day started with the surprise of First class travel!

Unfortunatly the train was delayed and while I give her her due it must have been pretty stressful the tea lady on the train completly ignored me and was just going to get coffee for Kev without asking if I wanted a drink and swept my cup out from under me for him! Fortunatly I did manage to get her attention, and the man with the milk jug was much nicer and less stressed. 

Milk jug man came back soon after with cold drinks (I had an adorably tiny can of Magners cuder)  and someone else brought sandwiches (Wenslydale and carrot), cake (a really yummy peice of bannana cake), and a pavket of salted crisps.

We changed trains at Edinburgh Waverly, which made me miss Edinburgh. When I was a student in Galashiels, I used to spend as much time as humanly possible in Edinburgh because it was much more exciting and inspiring than Galashiels.

Unfortunatly this was as close as I will be getting to Edinburgh's amazing Christmas market this year :(

At Glasgow Queen Street station there were some people dressed in old fashioned clothingtelling stories about the history of the station, unfortunatly we didn't have time to stop as because if the train delays we only had a short amount of time to freshen up and change before going to the gig.

Over the road from our hotel was a disused building with a really fantastic art mural on it.

I loved this part with the octopus breaking free of it's painting next to a version of Edvard Munch's The Scream and Hokusai's Wave.
I don't have any more photos of the night, but it went as follows:
We changed and then went for dinner at an Indian restaurant, Glasgow is a very good place to visit if you like Indian food, especially if you want something with a bit of a kick to it.
Next we headed to the Solid Rock Cafe fir a few drinks before heading to The Cathouse for the gig.
The Cathouse is quite a nice venue, but their ladies loos seemed to be in competition with Electrowertz in London (where Slimelight is held) for the prize if "mingingist ladies loos in the UK", though Kev says the gents were ok.
I don't remember what the first band were called, I just remember they weren't really my cup of tea and that the drummer did a lot of stick throwing tricks, which was quite interesting to watch.
The next band were Wolf from Sweden, and they were awful in my opinion, although a few people around me seemed to enjoy them, I kept expectinging a replica of Stone Henge to fall on them.
Delain were fantastic as always, and it was great to see them so close up!
Next we went back to Solid Rock Cafe for another drink before heading to The Clasic Grand where we had a bit of a boogie to some rock tunes before we went for supper.
The noodle shop I like has changed it's name since the last time I was inGlasgow, it used to be called  "Chopsticks" but now it's called "Noodle Point", I guess they got sick of people asking if they have any chopsticks uinstead of the flimsy plastic forks.

The following morning we went for a little bit of a wander near our hotel and found this amazing crumbling building, I bet that it was quite impressive in it's time, though I still find it beautiful in its decay.

Old buildings do it for me.

Then we went for coffee, mmmm Costa Christmas menu! The brownie hot chocolate is really delicious!
Before having a look around the Glasgow Christmas market, which was good, alrhough not quite as good as Edinburgh's in my opinion, before catching the train home.

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