Monday, 12 January 2015

Creator's Guild Nail Wraps Review

Legal Disclaimer: These nail wraps were sent to me free for the purposes of this review. All thoughts provided are my own honest opinions.
Early last week a most curious letter arrived in my hallway.

A most curious letter indeed!

Inside were some Game of Thrones themed sample sets of Nail Wraps from The Creator's Guild.
Now I have used nail stickers before and I've never really found them to be much good, but right from the onset these seemed different. There seems to have been a lot more work, care and attention into making a high quality product with these wraps than with other nail stickers that I have used before.

"Mother of Dragons"

The three sets sent to me were a full set of "Mother of Dragons"- a Daenerys Targaryen inspired inspired set of nail wraps -, a full set of "The North Remembers" - A Red Wedding inspired set of nail wraps featuring blood spatters and an ominous red Direwolf -, and a small sample set of "Thumbs Up", three thumbnail wraps featuring a classic, original Gameboy design.

The wraps that I have chosen for this post are "Mother of Dragons", I plan on making a video review of "The North Remembers" and I will post a nail art look featuring "Thumbs Up" soon.
There are plenty of wraps of various different sizes on each of the two sheets so you don't need to worry about not being able to find the right size. If like me you have small to medium nails this can be extra advantageous as you can trim down some of the larger wraps and use them as accent nails at a later date.

Left thumb

I did have slight issues with the three headed dragon on my thumbnails, I found I have to trim incredibly close to the design in order to get it to fit, which I just managed to do with this design, I am a little more worried that I am going to have a few more issues with The North Remembers wraps as they appear to be a slightly larger design.

Right thumb

Once I got the hang of the trimming though I didn't really have any issues with the scale wraps for the rest of the fingernails. One teensy thing I would say though is, while the instructions don't mention it I'd suggest to perhaps trim the wraps a millimetre smaller around the sides than your nailbed, as I have found a couple of days later I have had to give the sides a little bit of a touch up with some top-coat to stop the corners from trying to lift, although I am a very hands on person and I use my hands a lot in my work, so if you're doing something more like an office job YMMV on this one.

I do really like how they look and I really think that I might buy a few sets, either of more GOT wraps, I am after all considering a Game of Thrones themed hen party before my wedding and how cool would it be to turn up with Game of Thrones themed nails? Or perhaps one of the other designs they have been posting hints of over on their Facebook like page, I have tickets for a few up coming conventions and I feel like they'd be an interesting conversation starter!


  • High quality, durable nail wraps, very different to nail stickers I have used in the past.
  • Fairly easy to use once you get thee hang of them.
  • Multiple ways to use them, either put them on every nail, or use a couple of accent wraps and paint your other nails.
  • Lots of geeky awesome designs to choose from.
  • Can be slightly fiddly to trim down at first.
  • I found that the corners started to lift a little on some of them after a few days.
Overall I think these are pretty awesome though and I am looking forward to trying out the other designs.
The Creators Guild are currently crowdfunding with Kickstarter and you can find there page here, you can pledge as little as $5 which will net you a fancy sticker and you name in their backdrop forever, right the way up to $3,000 which will get you two of every design every month between April 2015 and April 2017, which is an estimate of more than 770 designs over two years, as well as various other pledge tiers in between.

Stay tuned for my video review when I get back from Dublin.

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