Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Last of all we visited Droghda
The narrow streets of Droghda seem to cause much road rage

There are two St Peter's Churches in Droghda

One Church of Ireland one and one Catholic Church

St Peter's Church of Ireland church stands on the site of a previous wooden church that was burned down by Oliver Cromwell whilst it was full of people who had sought sanctuary.

I never really liked Oliver Cromwell to start with, as I think that the English Civil war was an incredible waste of blood,

And he banned Christmas and sausages and I happen to be a fan of both Christmas and sausages.

But learning about the atrocities he committed in Ireland made me really quite angry that there are still people who think he was somehow great and revolutionary.

He was neither, he was just very able to take advantage of situations in my opinion.

Inside the Catholic St Peter's church there is a piece of the true cross, although it is a very small piece, sort of more like holy sawdust.

There is also a shrine containing the mummified head of St Oliver Plunkett.

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