Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Guinness Storehouse

The following day we visited The Whiskey Museum and The Guinness Storehouse
Horses outside of The Guinness Storehouse

Unfortunately I don't have any photos from The Whiskey Museum, but it was a very interesting tour about the history of whiskey in Ireland, it's quite similar to The Whisky Heritage Centre in Edinburgh, but about Irish Whiskey rather than Scottish Whisky.
At the end of the tour we were given four different whiskeys to sample, and of course not wanting to be wasteful we both drank all four measures rather than the tasting sips and then decided to walk to the Guinness Storehouse.

The 9000 year lease

About halfway there the booze hit, and as it was a rather chilly day I had rather a pleasant and warm journey for the rest of the walk!
The Guinness Storehouse is a self guided tour around a seven story museum dedicated to the black stuff (which is actually red, the more you know!), it's a little bit like The Heinekin Experience in Amsterdam (and of course I now sound like some kind of booze museum expert, I'm not haha).

The first couple of floors explain the process of brewing Guinness and the history of Guinness, and some things about Arthur Guinness and his wife Olivia who bore him 21 children!

Mini pints!

On the third floor is the tasting room where we were taught about all of the things that make Guinness smell and taste the way it does, and how to correctly drink it. Turns out you're not supposed to drink the foam on the top.

I love the old adverts!


Next we were put into little groups and taught how to pour the perfect pint. I will now forever watch people pour to see if they do it correctly!

Finally we went upstairs for a bit to eat, I had a cup of vegetable soup and two slices of Guinness bread.
The bread was actually rather delicious, however it was more like a really nice chocolate cake than a bread, and so I had it after my soup rather than as an accompaniment.

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