Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lolitas are Supposed To Be Lovelies!

Following on from yesterday's post...
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Perhaps a strange follow on from yesterday's post on how Lolitas are not all horrible, today I decided to explore how Lolitas aren't all nice either.
This is one that used to come up a lot more than it does now, mostly people bring up an article on "rules for Lolita" that featured in one of the early Gothic and Lolita Bibles and was mostly a piece on manners, but also featured some very strange extras such as "never drink beer, only peasants drink beer."
There are two main things I feel like I need to say in response to this:

  1. Lolita is not a hivemind.
  2. Lolita is not a costume.
Just because people dress like doesn't mean they think alike, and while it is possible to give rules and guidlines on how to dress within the fashion, it's not really possible to give rules on how to think and act.
Obviously if you want to live by a list of Victorian values by all means go ahead and do it, but you shouldn't try and enforce it onto other people and you should be exactly the same out of Lolita that you are in it because when you act differently you are making Lolita into a costume.
The clothes you wear shouldn't effect how you behave.
The bottom line really is that if someone is an awful person out of Lolita, they probably are in it too, but if someone is a decent person outside of Lolita then they will be in it.

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