Friday, 27 February 2015

Re: Corset Myths

Oh Great British Sewing Bee, what have you done? You were supposed to be helpful!
Antique corset advertising image via The Graphics Fairy

Well the British Corsetry Community has been all of a flutter since last night's episode of The Great British Sewing Bee broadcast.
I haven't seen it yet myself, I will hopefully get a chance to iplayer it at some point today or tomorrow at which point I will write a proper response piece, but from what I hear corsets were presented as a garment that could kill someone and a steel boned SINGLE LAYER corset was made, which seems like it would rip apart the second someone put it on, but we shall see.

Until then I will refer you on to the following:

An excellent post by A Damsel In This Dress from last year that I managed to miss until today.
Everything You Know About Corsets Is False a personal favourite mythbusting article.
and my own recent series on corset myths:

Do you have any favourite mythbusting articles on corsetry? Link them below.

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