Thursday, 2 April 2015

Newcastle Comic Con Photos

Last weekend was Newcastle Film and Comic Con in the Metro Radio Arena and Kev and I went along.
We both paid to have a photo with Eve Myles who was Gwen in Torchwood and the voice of Merrill in Dragon Age (who I romanced in Dragon Age 2!), she said she loved my dress and that I smell nice. :D
We also sat in on her panel later on which was pretty funny, she has a really brilliant sense of humor!

I also paid for a photo with James Masters in the jacket he wore when he was in Torchwood. My mother finds him super attractive, he seemed like a nice person but I was way more interested in the jacket, it's so well made! The brief second or two while the photo was taken was just not enough jacket time for me!

The following day I got a photo with William Russel who played Ian Chesterton, one of the very first companions in Dr Who. We also sat in on the panel he did with Louise Jameson (Leela) and Bonnie Langford (Mel) earlier in the day which was also a very enjoyable panel as they were all companions in different eras of the show.

I also had my photo taken with Louise Jameson who was the fourth Doctor's companion Leela, and she made a big fuss of how much she liked my dress :)

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